Welcome from the Parish Priest


“And above all things have fervent love for one another, for ‘love will cover a multitude of sins.' Be hospitable to one another without grumbling. As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

1 Peter 4:8-10 

In our parish you will find many ways to accomplish the invitation given by Christ at first, and subsequently by his disciples, to fulfill the will of God in loving one another.

To be Christians means to be at service for one another, and this is the aim of our parish community. We welcome and invite all residents and visitors, to join us in the sacramental life of the parish to live for the surrounding community. 

A quote from the existentialist philosopher Fyodor Dostoyevsky “Beauty will save the world” makes us reflect that there is nothing more beautiful than to see people living together in the love of God at the service of one another.

Our parish community is a very vibrant and multicultural parish, and members are increasing monthly. Please respond generously to the call of helping one another through the different ministries around the parish.

Together we can continue to make this vibrant community a sign of the love of God here in Port Kennedy.

Thank you for what you contribute to the life of the community of St. Bernadette’s Parish. 

May the love of God be with you always.


Fr. Giovanni Raffaele

Parish Priest  

Parish Priest: Fr. Giovanni Raffaele giovanni.raffaele@perthcatholic.org.au

Church Address: Cnr Grand Ocean Boulevard and Strasbourg Ramble, Port Kennedy WA 6172
Parish Office Address: 56 Benbecula Loop, Port Kennedy, WA 6172.
Tel: 9593 4670
Email: port.kennedy@perthcatholic.org.au
Parish assistants: Robyn Mason & Fran Reimers

Parish Committees and Groups

1Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)
The Parish Pastoral Council exercises a ministry of ‘servant leadership’ for the Parish community to live out its calling. The Parish Priest in his specific leadership role, other appointed participants, and members called from among the Parish community into collaboration for the building up of the community, express this servant leadership by: Articulating the mission of St Bernadette’s community within and in union with the mission of the whole Church. Planning for the realisation of the mission to the world around us. Enable the joyful participation of all St Bernadette’s community in celebrating the whole of life as a worshipping community. Exercise stewardship of the resources of St Bernadette’s Parish Engage in continuing formation and renewal of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the life of the Church, and our own ministry of leadership. Be responsible to St Bernadette’s community and through our Parish Priest to the Bishop of Perth Diocese around whom St Bernadette’s Church gathers. Membership is for a term of two years with a maximum of three terms. Elections are held every year at the Parish Pastoral Council Annual General Meeting for positions on the Parish Pastoral Council. Our PPC guidelines allow for up to 10 members. The PPC meets regularly on a Thursday evening.
2Finance Council
The role of the Finance Council is to act in an advisory capacity helping the Parish Priest administer the Parish resources. The Committee assists in: • planning future capital works • raising the necessary finances • establishing a framework for shared responsibility within the Parish In addition, the Finance Committee monitors all income and expenditure for the Parish. Being directly responsible to the Parish Priest, the Committee is responsible for assisting in the preparation of the annual finance report to the archbishop and preparing and presenting an annual report to the parishioners. Other key activities undertaken include: • management of the annual Parish Planned Giving programme. • producing a Parish budget • arranging loans for ancillary constructions within the Parish. The minimum composition of the Finance Committee is: • the Parish Priest and his Assistant • three to 5 members of the Parish chosen for their financial expertise. Meetings are held on regular basis on a Saturday morning. If you have the pre-requisite skills and would like to offer your services, contact Fr. Giovanni Raffaele.
The Maintenance Committee is responsible for all the Church buildings, furnishings, equipment, and surrounding property. This involves attending to necessary day to day repairs and maintenance as may be necessary and making provision for replacement of equipment and renovations. The Committee comprises parishioners with general household maintenance abilities or trade skills. If you would like to participate in this group or would like further information, contact the Parish Office on 08 95934670.
The Fundraising Committee is a sub-committee of the Finance Committee. The primary function of the Fundraising Committee is to source funds to support the general upkeep, running and maintenance of the Church covering such as administration costs, loan repayments, maintenance of property and ministries, special needs/projects, and contributions to other charities, where appropriate. Fundraising activities are varied and governed by the ingenuity of the members. Committee usually comprises parishioners with entrepreneurial skills, or who possess a vast number of contacts within organisations and industry, and anyone who feels able to contribute in raising funds will always be welcomed. The Committee meets from time to time especially when engaged in any special fundraising project.